One of the best hosting for wordpress 2019

One of the best hosting for wordpress 2019

What is the best hosting for wordpress I ever had?

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The choice of hosting is the first important decision you must make to start your website or blog in WordPress, and it’s not a small thing! It is not enough to choose the cheapest or the most famous because that will not ensure that it will work well, especially when you have problems: that you will have them, believe me.

So I’m going to tell you my own experience and what made me decide, as I think, the best WordPress hosting.

Bad hosting and many headaches

The first thing I did when I decided to create a blog like this is to look for the cheapest hosting, with a lot of space, a lot of bandwidth, free domains and, if possible, to wash my dishes and iron my clothes already on …

And now I say to myself: badly done Oli!

When you have been with your hosting for a long time, you realize that you are only going to use 41% of all the resources that sold you so cheaply: that’s why they sold them to you.

So what does it mean to be the best hosting?

The real value of the service I began to understand when I had problems, such as the web was very slow, it took a long time to load or directly or loading because the server had stopped working.

Imagine my face when after sharing the article I had just published on social networks, people told me that the link did not work.

Visits and lost time. 😤

Looking for the best WordPress hosting

So I started to “dive” on the Internet to find the best hosting where my WordPress could have:

  1. Help me, and especially when I have problems.
  2. Offer me what I need and quality.
  3. That you really care about my website or blog.
  4. That it is at a good price and in accordance with that quality.
  5. If it is in Spanish and English, better than better.

I discarded 1 and 1 because of his bad reputation. Hostgator was not bad for its price, but over time its service has worsened …

Anyway, the idea was to look for a real good hosting once and not to screw it up again; I wanted to take the moment to try to find the best hosting for WordPress, and at a good price, of course! 😁

So I took a look to see what expert bloggers recommended, and almost everyone talked about SiteGround, a hosting I had heard very little about in my life. The first thing I thought was that they talked about it just because they would take a commission for each sale, so I wanted to try it myself and see if it is the best hosting.

The fact is that I sent an email to SiteGround to tell them about my situation, and in a few hours I had already received a quick response and, of course, I had a professional, fast and powerful WordPress website.

This first one already left me amazed, because no provider of all I have tried (which have been a few) had had so much consideration.

Amazing! They earned points to be the best hosting.

I have to recommend it because it has given me very good results. You can try it for yourself and I assure you that you will not regret it.👇👇👇

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