Admirable Australian Women

Australian women

Admirable Australian Women

1. Beryl Mills

She is nominated "The Ideal Australian Girl", the first beauty queen of Australia.
She was nominated “The Ideal Australian Girl”, the first beauty queen of Australia.

This australian women was born on January 3, 1907, in Western Australia, Beryl grew up and became the first Miss Australia in 1926 at the age of 19. Beryl also attended the University of Western Australia at a time when women who went to college were not normal, she was a successful athlete; She won swimming and diving championships, and was also the captain of the hockey team.
Beryl made a promotional tour in the United States to present herself as the “ideal Australian girl” educated, balanced and athletic.
Using his celebrity status, Beryl continued his legacy by founding the Beryl Mills Advertising Service in 1928 at the age of 21.
Beryl could have easily persuaded through life for her good looks and fame, but she chose to strive to become the best woman possible, and that is what makes her a great Australian woman.

2. Fanny Cochrane Smith

She is the Australian advocate for the preservation of the aboriginal language
She is the Australian advocate for the preservation of the aboriginal language

The second australian women who was Born on December 1834 in Flinders Island in Tasmania, Fanny Cochrane Smith was best known as an Aboriginal linguist. She devoted her life to preserving as much of Aboriginal heritage as she could. From 1899 to 1903 now in her late 60s, she used wax cylinders to record Tasmanian Aboriginal songs and speech, which to this day are the only original recordings in existence.

Fanny Cochrane Smith dedicated her final years to preserving her heritage, her culture, and her history and there’s nothing more inspiring than that.

3. Miles Franklin

Known As An Australian Author And Defender Of Women's Rights
Known As An Australian Author And Defender Of Women’s Rights

This australian woman named Miles Franklin is one of the most notable Australian feminists. He was born on October 14, 1879 in Talbingo, with the illustrious name of Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin. When he was just over twenty years old, he published his first and most iconic novel, “My brilliant career.” Throughout her life, she was an enthusiastic defender of women’s rights, continued writing opinion pieces that were popular with her peers of authors, artists, academics and feminists.
Miles Franklin was a strong and passionate supporter of Australian literature. That is why in Australia it is one of the highest honors to receive the Miles Franklin Award.



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