Bad things about Iphone 11

Bad things about Iphone 11

Don’t buy an Iphone 11 before knowing this

Apple company has known how to set trends in the world of smartphones for a long time. It makes no sense to deny that the iPhone changed the way we understood smartphones. Since then many brands have been copying some of the features of the iPhone, although they were not decisions that most liked. And now we’re going to talk about Iphone 11.

Despite that, Apple does not do everything right, it is obvious, and that also applies to the iPhone 11, although there are some features and features that we would like to see on Android phones, we also believe that there are some that are not up to mobile That already exist.

Double camera? Really?

iphone 11
Iphone 11

Apple has put a double camera on the iPhone 11, a double camera is not something new. But it is a wide angle. The question is, where is the telephoto? Well, in the iPhone 11 Pro, obviously.

This is a clear movement to boost the sales of the most expensive models and for the price that the iPhone 11 has, we believe it should come with it. We do not talk about the four cameras of the Huawei P30 Pro, or the five of the Nokia 9 but at least have the triad that give versatility to any smartphone.

A screen that can be improved

screen of iphone 11
Screen of Iphone 11

Apple has some of the best screens in the world. The calibration is amazing and the quality of them too. But we have seen how OLED panels have managed to free themselves from their problems and, again, have left this for the most expensive iPhone. And the same goes for the resolution, which without being bad (not lower than 326 dots per inch that are critical for Apple), is not up to some Android models.

This also applies to the refresh rate, which was expected to be significantly improved, as was done on the iPad, maybe not 120 Hz, but at least seeing a screen with 90 Hz would have been fine.

A boring design

iphone 11 design
Iphone 11 design

Apple has been repeating design for three years, although this time we will see a slight change for the square in the back area, which we will also see in the Pixel 4, it seems that now it is Huawei that sets the trend in this field, something unthinkable a few years ago.

And yes, although mobiles try to be elements in which the screen predominates, there is room for innovation, as we see in the Xiaomi Mi MIX. In some OPPO, in some Nokia and in more brands.

64 GB of storage

iphone 11 storage
Iphone 11 storage

Apple has decided to keep the price of the iPhone 11 and also its minimum storage space. Instead of making the jump to 128 GB like many other brands.

It remains in the 64 that although it may be sufficient for some users, of course they will not be enough for those who take many photos and videos. That a mobile of 200 euros has 64 GB is very decent, that it has one of more than 800, no.

Fast loading … somewhat slow

iphone 11 fast charging
Iphone 11 fast charging

Last but not least, we have to talk about fast charging. The iPhone 11 will come with a charger that will allow you to use the fast charge … of 18 W. And it doesn’t come in the box, amazing, strictly speaking it is a fast charge, since the voltage is much higher than normal at Apple. The problem is that it is the same charging speed as 200 euros mobiles. In Android we have mobiles that charge at 27, 30, 40 and up to 55 W.

That a company like Apple is so behind in this field is something quite striking. It will not be for not having money to invest in R&D.

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